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Program Description
Windows Hunter allows to manage all active, invisible and system windows and tasks. Windows Hunter is a task and application management software. You can easily find, move, show or hide any window. If you work with big number of application (e.g. Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, IDEA) when you can improve your work and spend less time to find applications. Use Windows Hunter quick search to find any window by part of caption. Windows Hunter useful for developers and system administrators, you can find and get special technical information like Window handle, owner process, window long parameters.

Another feature of Windows Hunter is function to hide any window - select window and press “Alt+Enter” hotkey or press button “Hide” to hide window from screen. When you will need it again - find it and press “Enter” window will appear.

Windows Hunter allows to user use two work ways - trough main form and through quick search window. Press global shortcut “Ctrl+Shift+Q” to start search. Quick search will be hiding automatically after search.

Windows Hunter supports multi-screen systems and can move any window to center of main screen. With help of Windows Hunter you can forget about problems with windows layout on different configuration of desktop work area. If something outside a work area you can move it to visible part of screen by one click. This problem appears when you start application with multiscreen layout on one monitor system. Read use cases on for more information.

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