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 Secure Dialer 1.1:
  Secure Dialer 1.1 Details:
License Shareware
Size 716 KB
Price $ 9.99
O.S. Win98,WinME,Windows2000,WinXP
Developer Omniquad Ltd  (more programs from this developer)
Category Security & Privacy / Others
Screenshot Secure Dialer 1.1 Screenshot

 Secure Dialer 1.1 Description:
     Secure Dialer will ALERTs user in following case:
- If any program forcibly disconnects your modem.
- While some malicious software tries to secretly dial another number.
- It enables user to securely connect to the internet; also alerts when malicious software tries to disconnect user.
- Alerts user incase internet line connects the user to a premium rate number.
If you use dial-up modem to connect to the Internet, you have probably came across deceptive dialing applications or websites that try to disconnect your Internet connection in order to redial a premium rate number (if you haven't then you have been very lucky!). This is done either without letting you know that a premium rate number will be dialed, or by trying to trick you in a number of ways. One incident of such modem hijack is enough to present you with a huge phone bill! Your can protect yourself against attempts to hijack your internet connection by using OMNIQUAD Secure Dialer. Once loaded (usually automatically at Windows startup even before you connect to the Internet), it locks down your modem and you can only connect to the Internet using Secure Dialer (you no longer need to use Dial-up networking). This is because some malicious websites may try to swap your existing ISP connection details for a premium rate number - Secure Dialer automatically detects such security breach and alerts you.

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