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 Paranoid File Crypters Release 3:
  Paranoid File Crypters Release 3 Details:
License Freeware
Size 545 KB
Price $ 0.00
O.S. WinXP
Developer Brownest  (more programs from this developer)
Category Security & Privacy / Encryption Tools
Screenshot Paranoid File Crypters Release 3 Screenshot

 Paranoid File Crypters Release 3 Description:
     PFC (Paranoid File Crypters) is a collection of file encrypters having these features:

- Command-line driven, Win32CRT, small executable, no dependency
- Lightweight, simple, straightforward usage
- Don't write configuration to disk nor Windows registry and don't need to (portable, no littering)
- Each crypter uses different cipher, yet sharing very similar interface
- Crypto elements/parameters in each encrypter are tuned individually to the cipher for maximum crypto-safety
- Supports known, unbroken, modern ciphers beside AES yet also the experimental, interesting ones
- Uses conventional authenticated encryption, verified decryption, and also fast verification
- Uses strong hash function, PRNG, randomized salt, highly iterated key derivation, etc. just like any good file encrypter should
- Uses passphrase display hider, passphrase confirmation, etc.

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